B&G Lake Party

Susan's company hosted a lake party on Lake Martin which gave us a great day of fun and sun.  We kicked off the day with a boat ride, with Colt getting pulled on an intertube behind the boat.  After the boat ride, Colt pretty much spent the rest of the day in the water - the kid is a fish!  

One of the highlights of the day was when the kids migrated over to the boat house to jump off the top.  Colt followed along - I'm not sure at what point he realized the other kids were jumping off the top of the house, but he went straight up the ladder and jumped with no hesitation at all.  The kid is also fearless.  He jumped probably about a dozen times - I was in the water below just in case something happened where I needed to quickly intervene.  On the 13th time, Colt hesitated at the top and then yelled that he couldn't jump and needed to climb back down.  I asked him why and he responded, "I can't jump because I need to poop".

Click here to see our pictures from the lake!


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