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2013.10.18 012.backyardcamping

Colt has been asking quite often recently to go camping, so we decided to take him to Oak Mountain and make a night of it. The only problem - everyone else had the same idea. We called Friday morning but they were already booked for the weekend, so we decided to pitch our tents in the back yard. It ended up being the best of both worlds. Our back yard is fairly wooded, so it was enough to give us a camping feel while still being a short walk to the house for all the stuff we would have forgotten to take camping.

Colt and Dad pitched the tents, then we cooked hotdogs on the grill and made Smores over the campfire. While we were roasting our marshmellows, it gave us a great opportunity for some story-telling around the fire. If you haven't heard any of Colt's stories around the campfire yet, you're missing out. The good news is you can easily recreate this with a pretend campfire - we often make a "campfire" in Sadie's room with an upside-down stool and a pillow!

It was a great night full of memories and one that I hope to repeat...once we have our tents repaired. Yes, Red ate them.

Click the pic above to see pics from our camping adventure!

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