The Dusting of 2014

2014.01.29 021.snowday

We survived the Great Dusting of 2014 but not without inconvenience. After a busted forecast forced all of Birmingham to close simultaneously, the roads quickly became a frozen mess. Susan made it as far as our day care, but couldn't make it up the hill to get home. She ended up back at day care where she'd spend the night with Colt and Sadie. The Jeep had no problems getting around, except for where piled up cars blocked the road. I spent most of the night driving around picking up stranded coworkers and ended up sleeping on a cot at the office.

The following day, Birmingham was closed. Susan, Colt, and Sadie took the opportunity to take advantage of the snow day while Dad transported folks around town in his Jeep. I'm not sure who had more fun.

Click the pic above to see our Snow Day pictures.

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