Atlanta - June 2014

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Susan and the kids surprised me with Braves tickets as a Father's Day surprise, so we loaded up the Jeep and drove over to Atlanta. We had some spare time on the way over, so we made a pit stop at Sweetwater Creek State Park. We had a great time here and I think everyone wished we had more time to spend. Lots of good hiking with plenty to see - so we'll be back.

As we were pulling off the interstate waiting in line to park at Turner Field, we heard an unmistakeable "splash" sound coming from the back seat. Sadie had thrown up in her car seat. Fortunately we had extra clothes and wipes to clean up the mess. She was smiling and acting fine, so we attributed it to a little motion sickness from being jostled around in the stroller on the trails at Sweetwater. So we cleaned her up and began our trek to the stadium.

As we approached the shadows of the stadium, Sadie informed us we were a little premature in our assessment that she was fine. Since she has a limited vocabulary, she decided the best way to inform us of this was by vomiting all over Dad. Twice. Despite 5 years of parenting, it was my first (and second) time being victimized by a full-on vomit assault. It was as disgusting as you'd imagine, but I was able to Dad-Up and power through. After we got Sadie cleaned up, I (sans shirt) hit the local souvenir vendors for a replacement shirt. We were back in business.

At this point we were waffling about whether to turn back, but Sadie is still active and acting 100% fine. We're still chalking it up to motion sickness, so we decided to make our way into the stadium. And true to the day, the game turned out to be a marathon 16 inning affair. We made it through 9 somehow, with everyone having a great (though somewhat hectic) time. Sadie was fine from there out and even ate a cheeseburger at the game.

On Sunday, we visited Lego Land. As some of you know, Colt's become a HUGE LEGO fan in the past year so we wanted to be sure to stop by for a visit. He and Sadie both had a great time there and it was a nice cap-off to our road trip.

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