Wild Animal Safari

2016.07.02 076.wildanimalsafari

We drove over to Georgia for the long Fourth of July weekend, stopping first in Pine Mountain, Georgia, to visit the Wild Animal Safari.  We rented a mini-van to tour the park grounds.  The van had been stripped of the radio, air-conditioning, and windows and equipped with steel bars bolted over the windows.  It was the perfect vehicle for cruising through the park.  You have the option to drive your own vehicle, but unless you are a fan of animal slobber, go with the rental van!

The drive through the park grounds takes a little over an hour and includes interactions with all sorts of animals: deer, pigs, several species of cattle, zebra, and several giraffes.  We had a giraffe come right up to our van, which we were able to hand feed.  This was the highlight of the trip!  We had a great time and highly recommend visiting the park.

After the park, we travelled to Columbus, Georgia, to visit with Laura and Jason, and visited the Infantry Museum at Fort Benning.

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