Auburn vs. LSU Basketball - Colt''s First AU Game

2010.02.27 098.auburnbasketball

Saturday was a big day for Colt. He started the day with a trip to Montgomery for a visit with his Grandmommy & Grandpoppy. We had a nice lunch at Chappy''s Deli and visited at the house afterwards. We arrived in Auburn a few hours before the game, which gave us time to do a little shopping and snap a few pics outside Samford Hall. We met up with Scott, Lee, and some other friends and went to the Auburn/LSU basketball game.

\r\nColt did great during the game. He rotated between his parents laps and mostly just sat and watched the game, fist in mouth. He''s now teething so he''s constantly got something in there. We took lots of pics as the pic above to see some of our favorites of the day.

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