Furman Fam-Jam

2010.03.13 033.furmanfamjam

Saturday we drove down to Furman for some good old-fashioned family fun - and by that I mean shootin'' guns. We had almost the whole clan there: Stephen & family, Scott and his boys, Susan L. and her friend Morgan, our family, and mom & dad. We missed Stephanie and her family, who are up in Viriginia but we hope to see them soon.

Thanks to inheritances, we''ve all assembled a small arsenal. One of the favorites of the day was Scott''s Thompson Center Contender, a pistol with interchangeable barrels, which made for some interesting shooting. Fired shotgun shells from a pistol? Anyone?

The real fun came after my Dad got his Ford Escape stuck in the grass/mud. The ground was really soft and it just sunk in. We tried to pull it out with my Jeep, but with the hodgepodge of towing supplies we assembled ended up dangerously close to getting us both stuck. After an hour or so, we finally freed it.

We''ve got plenty of pics of the shooting action and some hilarious shots of all the boys. Click the pic above to take a peek.

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