Desoto State Park & Little River Canyon


In November we visited Desoto State Park and Little River Canyon, near Fort Payne, Alabama.  We stayed 3 nights in an RV style camper and had a great time.  First stop was the falls at Desoto State Park, where we visited the Upper Falls and then hiked to a great scenic view of the falls from an overlook.  We then took a scenic drive around Little River Canyon, stopping often at overlooks and even for some rock climbing.  We also did a little hiking in the canyon. 

The following day we cisited Orbix Hot Glass, where the kids were able to make their own glass Christmas ornaments, which were later hung from our tree.  We then made the short drive over to Georgia to visit Cloud Canyon State Park, where more hiking, scenic views, and waterfalls awaited.

It's always good to enjoy the great outdoors and we had a great time doing so. Check out all the pics from our trip!

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