Tiger Prowl

2010.04.28 021.tigerprowl

Ever since Colt found out the Tiger Prowl was rolling into town, he''s been begging me to take him. He''s been sick the last few days, but since his fever had gone away I gave in and took him. The Tiger Prowl brings Auburn coaches around the state for meet and greets with fans and to promote the school. This is the second year they''ve done it and it''s been a huge success.

We met the new basketball coach, Tony Barbee, as well as football assistants Curtis Luper (RB''s coach) and Trooper Taylor (WR coach). Trooper is probably the most animated of the group, and is the guy behind the "Trooper Towel". Colt got a little freaked out by the crowds around Coach Luper and Taylor, but was much more comfortable hanging out with Coach Barbee. Not quite as much attention on the basketball side, but hopefully that will be changing with the new coach.

We thought it was a really cool event. Click the pic above to see our pics.

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