Orlando/Atlanta 2017

2017.05.26 005.LegoLandOrlando

I was in Orlando for a work conference and Susan and the kids came down to join me at the end of the week. We stayed at Universal’s Cabana Bay, which had a GREAT pool complete with a water slide and lazy river. Our plan was to get some pool time in, spend a day at LegoLand and a day at Disney’s Magic Kingdom before flying out to Atlanta, where Colt and I would see Atlanta’s new Major League Soccer team, the Atlanta United play while Susan and the girls went to the American Doll store.

The kids loved the hotel pool (water park) and we had a great time at the LegoLand amusement park. However, it wouldn’t be a trip to Florida without an ER visit. Finley somehow dislocated her elbow on the trip home from Legoland and we ended up with a late night ER trip. We were up most of the night, so we decided to cut the quick Disney visit and spend a relaxing day at the hotel pool instead.

The following day we flew from Orlando to Atlanta. Colt and I had a great time at the soccer game and the girls had a blast visiting the doll store. It was a fun getaway with a lot packed into a few days. Maybe we will see Mickey next year.

Enjoy the pics

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