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2013.01.19 013.snowday

We've got a new addition to the Stabler Family! Meet Red! He's a Red-Tick Coon Hound we rescued last week from an animal adoption agency. He was placed in a home as a puppy, then the family had a "change in their financial situation" that forced them to surrender Red to the adoption agency. He's been in a foster home since November before joining our family last week. He's been a great fit with us, and is quickly turning into Colt's best bud!

He had an exciting first week with us. Last week, Birmingham had a rare snow day, which gave us all an opportunity to play in the snow. Then on Saturday, we paid a visit to the local dog park to let Red get out some energy and socialize with some other dogs. He's a real people/dog person and he had a blast playing with the other dogs.

Click the pic above to see more pics of Red!

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