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Last Friday we decided we could not bare another weekend in Birmingham doing the same ol'' thing. Saturday morning we packed up our bags and headed north to Chattanooga with lots of fun adventures ahead. First on the agenda was the Creative Discovery Museum which we probably could have spent the entire day in. Colt enjoyed playing in the water exhibits, making some arts and crafts, handling a snake, playing lots of musical instruments and digging for dinosaur bones. It was a lot like the McWane Science Center in Birmingham but much much bigger and with lots more activities. Next up, we hit the Tennessee Aquarium.. Overall, Colt was pretty bored with the fish this trip, but really enjoyed petting the stingrays, watching the butterflies in the butterfly garden, the penguins, turtles, and frogs. Colt also got a five finger discount on a Tennessee Aquarium bouncy ball while we walked through the gift shop from one building to the next. By the time we realized it, the gift shop had closed.

We had dinner at Taco Mamacitas across the river per a suggestion from Stan''s sister Stephanie. Food was great and atmosphere was loud enough that we knew Colt would approve. A night at the Hampton Inn proved to be sleepless for Susan and Colt while Dad snored the night away and even commented how comfortable the bed was the next morning. Colt was more interested in jumping on the bed than sleeping in it.

Sunday we had planned to see Ruby Falls and Point Park but decided to save Ruby Falls for the next trip and head home in time for the Super Bowl. Point Park was actually pretty neat, a National Military Park that had several cannons from the Civil War which Colt really liked and learned that a cannon says "BOOOOOOOM".

All in all, a great family weekend away. Check out the pictures!

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