Elijah for Dad's 75th!

2011.07.31 097.northgeorgia

It was a rare moment in Stabler history, with ALL 18 members of the Stabler clan coming together under one roof to celebrate my father's 75th Birthday. We rented a 5 bedroom cabin, just outside Ellijah, GA, in the mountains of North Georgia. It was a great time!

We arrived on Thursday, we arrived, got settled, and had a pizza buffet at the cabin, Cicci''s style. On Friday, we had a family tubing event that was one of the highlights of the weekend. We followed that with Stephen grilling up some blackened burgers for us all. He''s not quite the grillmaster his younger brother is, but no one got sick, so he''s got that going for him. :-)

On Saturday, we went to Mercier''s Orchards. North Georgia is known for its' apple orchards, so we didn''t miss the chance to stock up on some fresh fruit. Afterwards, we hit downtown Ellijah for some antiquing before heading back to the cabin for some family QT. We had a great time Saturday night, huddling by the firepit roasting Smores.

On Sunday, we hit Amicalola Falls State Park, then headed back home.

All in all, a great trip. Click the pic above to see our pics!

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