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It was our first trip back to Indianapolis, Colt's first trip to Indy, and Colt's first airplane ride!

Friday morning we flew out from Birmingham. The flight went great. Colt was super excited about his first "air-hane ride!". The flight went great. Colt got a window seat and really enjoyed watching all the pre-takeoff activity on the runway and watching as we went "up, up, and away" in the plane. He did a great job in-flight - I don't think anyone around us even moved seats to get away!

Once we landed in Indy, Colt was well past naptime, so he crashed the second we put him in the car. We woke him about 30 minutes later when we rolled into Broad Ripple for lunch at one of our favorite spots - the Ripple Deli. We noticed trouble right off the bat - Colt was not happy and was tugging furiously at his ear. Within the hour, we were in the waiting room at St. V's Immediate Care clinic. Turns out, he had an ear infection and the pressure change really wreaked havoc on it. He was as miserable as we've ever seen him.

Fortunately by the time we left the doc, Colt was feeling much better. We were back on schedule! We headed downtown to Lucas Oil Stadium, where we met some friends for a pre-game meal before heading to the Colts game. Colt was really excited about the game and kept shouting "Football game!". He never really got into the game, but really enjoyed the atmosphere. Before leaving the game, we went by the Colt's Pro Shop - and thanks to Bob Sanders leaving for a new team, Colt scored an official Colts jersey (with Sanders name on the back) for $10! (Regular $50!) He's really excited about his new "football jersey" and has already been asking to wear it.

On Saturday, we hit the Indiana State Fair. We saw lots of pigs, horses, sheep, and other animals at the petting zoo. One of the hightlights was the Little Hands on the Farm exhibit, where Colt got to plant corn, soybeans, and other seeds, harvest his crop, sell it at the market, and buy himself a tasty cheese snack with the profits. We thought it was really neat!

Other State Fair highlights included an elephant ride, and the Scouts' Pinewood Derby exhibit, where Colt's car won all 5 races he entered! Colt got to pick out his own car - and he picked a winner!

Saturday night was the highlight for Colt - a BASEBALL GAME!! Indy is home to the Indianapolis Indians, and one of the best minor league parks in the country. He actually watched several innings - which was great for Dad, because we don't usually watch ANY of the game. We stopped by the souvenir shop at the game, where Colt got another new bat. He of course slept with it - and both Mom and Dad got hit in the head a few times during the night!

On Sunday we went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum - it's one of the best in the country (Anyone noticing a theme here?). We spent almost the WHOLE day there - Colt was non-stop running from exhibit to exhibit. Dinosaurs, pirates, Egyptians, Dragons, scuba divers, trains....were just some of the exhibits. They had all kinds of play areas and hands on activities as well. Colt even anchored a newscast! By the time we made it back to the car (5+ hours later), Colt was fast asleep by the time we backed out of our parking spot. He had an AWESOME time!

From there, it was on to the airport for the flight home to Birmingham. We finally got home around 10pm, and everyone slept like a rock!

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