Seagrove Beach: June 2012

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Last month we took our final trip to our favorite beach spot in Seagrove Beach: Seagrove Villas.  It's an old-Destin style hotel and one of the best values on 30A.  It was sold to developer and is going to be torn down and turned into new beach houses.  We're sad to see it go.

That didn't stop us from having a blast on our last trip.  We made the obligatory stop at Pizza By the Sea as soon as we got in town, but went "family-style" for most of the trip, making sandwiches and eating at "home" in our villa.  We did manage to get out for dinner a few nights, making stops at The Back Porch and Louisiana Lagniappe. Both were awesome.

Colt really got into the beach scene this year.  We had a blast playing in the sand, hunting for crabs, and playing in the water.  The beach in front of our villas has something like a sandbar that blocks the waves and is a great spot for little ones to play in the water without getting pummeled by incoming waves.  Colt really enjoyed playing there and especially loved the crab hunting.  We caught TONS, and even found a few sand dollars.  Of course, Colt was very concerned that we return them all to the water at the end of the day.

So with Seagrove Villas demise, we're in the market for a new beach spot.  If you know of a great place that's not crowded, has a great beach, and is a great value, let us know!  

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