St. John, Day One: Travel Day

2015.11.21 012.usvi travelday

We decided to spend Thanksgiving Week in the Caribbean this year and took both Colt and Sadie to St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  Our trip would last 6 days, leaving bright and early Saturday morning and returning on Thanksgiving Day, just in time for some leftover turkey!

Day 1: Travel Day

With a 6:00am flight, we were in the air before sunrise, heading from Birmingham to Charlotte, and then on to St. Thomas.  The flight to Charlotte was great. Colt is a seasoned traveler at this point (he no longer even looks out the window on the plane) and Sadie did great on her first flight.  We had just enough time to eat breakfast in Charlotte before hopping on the connecting flight to St. Thomas.

Unfortunately we had some flight delays that resulted in us getting to St. Thomas about 4 hours later than expected, but we were able to salvage the evening.  We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Uncle Joe’s BBQ in Cruz Bay, then it was on to the eco-tents at Concordia for our vacation.

We did go through a lot of snacks, coloring books, and movies, but both Sadie and Colt were well-behaved and did fantastic on the trip down.  We debated about taking Sadie on this trip but in the end we made the right decision in bringing her along.

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