St. John, Day Three: Francis Bay

2015.11.23 083.usvi chateau20bordeaux

We started out our 3rd day on the island with breakfast at Chateau Bordeaux, which had a great overlook of Coral Bay.  The food was great - french toast stuffed with mango, cream cheese, and pineapple.  Good stuff!  After breakfast it was off to the beaches.  We spent most of the day at Francis Bay.  This is one of the more secluded beaches on the island and probably my new favorite.  No crowds, clear, tranquil waters and great snorkeling - it's tough to beat and great for families.

We spent the majority of the day at Francis, but made the short drive over to Cinnamon Bay late in the afternoon.  Unforunately the red flags were flying because of rough water - first time we've seen this on any of our trips to the Caribbean.  We cut our stay there short and headed to Skinny Legs for burgers to cap off the day.

Overall a great day of beach fun and the kids were WORN OUT.  Breakfast was great but the burgers at Skinny Legs were terrible.  Very disappointing experience there.  Hard to make a bad burger but they managed to do it three times! 

Highlight of the day for sure was Francis Beach.  Great snorkeling - check out the picture of the barracuda we saw!  

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