St. John, Day Five: Hawksnest Bay, November 2015


2015.11.25 460.usvi.hawksnestbay

We spent Day 5 at Hawksnest Bay.  Here you could see the ruins of Peace Hill Windmill overlooking the bay.  This was another great little bay and we spent the majority of the day here.

 After Hawksnest, we made the obligatory trip to Trunk Bay.  It's extremely crowded now, as they ferry cruise ship passengers over from St. Thomas.  We took the kids just so they could say they've been.
For dinner, we were lucky enough to be on the island for one of Miss Lucy's full moon parties!  We were there for a full moon party in the past - and Miss Lucy's does it right with good food and music on the water.  Colt and Sadie had a ball and Sadie really stole the show.  Check out the videos below from Miss Lucy's - I think we are going to be in trouble with this one. 

This wrapped up our last full day on St. John.  The next morning we'd start our journey back home after a great week in the islands.  Hopefully we'll be back down that way again soon.

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