St. Croix, Day Three

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The first stop of the day was Columbus Landing. The beach was the site of a native village in the 1400’s and Christopher Columbus stopped here in 1493 on his second trip to the America’s. The beach is neglected and not kept up - so we came, saw, and left.

Our next stop was Point Udall, the easternmost point in the United States and territories. We snapped a few pics here and then headed for the beaches.

Jack and Isaac’s Bays are home to two of the better beaches on St. Croix. To get there, there’s a scenic 15 minute hike. The beaches are well worth the hike. We spent a few hours on the beach here before heading back to prepare for dinner.

On Mondays, the Palms at Pelican Cove has “Caribbean Night”, which includes a Caribbean-style BBQ buffet and performances from Moku Jumbies and other acts. The show was a hit with the kids and Susan and I enjoyed it as well.

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