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We started our final day on Turks with a visit to Emerald Point. It's tranquil water, beautiful beaches, lack of crowds, and plethora of seashells made it one of our favorite beaches on the island.

For lunch, we hit up Danny Bouys in Grace Bay and did some shopping at some of the local shops. Lunch was pretty average and the shops were about what you'd expect in this popular area.
After lunch we headed to the far northwest side of the island to visit the remote and secluded Malcolm Roads Beach. It was a nice beach, but the facilities were abandoned, unkept, and overgrown which gave it a creepy feeling. We did not stay long.

From there, it was back to the house for some pool and packing. Our week-long trip had come to an end.

Final thoughts on Turks: Beautiful island with the maybe most turqoise waters we've seen. Most of the beaches draw crowds, especially the larger ones like Grace Bay. There are less crowded beaches but generally they are harder to find and get to. The island is expensive, even compared to other Caribbean islands. As always, prices are better once you get off the beaten path. We checked off most of the items on the to-do list here, so I'm not sure how soon we will be back, but it's definitely worth a visit!

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