Belize, Day 1

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Belize has been on our travel wish list for some time, and in 2019 we finally got the change to go!  We decided to split our time in Belize, spending the first part of the trip inland exploring the jungles and Mayan ruins, then spend the remainder of the trip in the beautiful waters on Belize's coast.

We had a pretty easy flight down.  Leaving from Atlanta, it's a short 2 hour flight to Miami, followed by another 2 hour flight from Miami to Belize.  We left Thursday morning and were in Belize City by lunchtime. 

From Belize City, we had a 2 hour bus ride to the town of San Ignacio, in western Belize close to the Guatemalan border.  We arrived at the Mayan Mountain Lodge mid-afternoon and our first order of business was to relax.  The kids alternated between the pool and the hammocks most of the afternoon as we explored the grounds of the lodge. 

For dinner, we took a short taxi ride into town and ate at Hannah's, a popular local spot.  The food, especially the pork tacos, was delicious and the whole meal for a family of 5 only set us back $26!

The first day was a success - mostly a travel day but we got settled at the Lodge, explored the town of San Ignacio, and had a great meal.  Day 2 would take us into Guatemala to visit the Mayan Ruins at Tikal - see that trip in the next update!

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