Belize Day 2: Tikal

2019.11.22 057.guatemala tikal

We kicked off Friday with a big cultural breakfast at the lodge.  I had the Mayan, Susan had the Creole, and the kids all went with the pancakes.  The lodge had some of the best food we had on the trip!  Once our bellies were full, we loaded up in the van with our guide for the 2 hour trip to Tikal,  an ancient Mayan citadel in the rainforests of northern Guatemala.

The drive to Tikal was interesting.  We stopped at the Guatemalan border, crossed over on foot, then switched vehicles as a Guatemalan guide would take us the remainder of the way.   The ruins at Tikal were impressive, containing 12 major pyramids built between 600 and 900 AD.  So impressive, it served as the home for many scenes in the Star Wars movies. (Colt was very impressed by this!) 

Exploring the Tikal grounds involved a good deal of hiking, which the kids mostly handled well.  We ate lunch on site as part of our tour package before making the drive back to Belize.  Once back at the lodge, we spent some time relaxing at the lodge grounds before having dinner at Erva's, which was well recommended.  Our experience was not good, however, they were out of a number of menu items, food was average, and service was sub-par. 

Tikal was a great day trip and one that I and hopefully the kids will remember for a very long time!  Check out the pics!

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