Zion National Park, Day 1

2021.07.25 054 zion.lower.emerald.pool

This year we joined Scott and crew for a big trip out west to see Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, and the Grand Canyon.  Unfortunately, Susan and Sadie were quarantined due to Covid and weren't able to make the trip, but Colt, Finley, and I still made it into a great trip. 

We started our adventure at Zion with a walk along the Virgin River, an easy 2.2 mile trail dubbed "Riverside Walk".  We saw lots of squirrels begging for treats as well a mule deer. 

After our morning hike, we stopped at the Zion Lodge for lunch.  After eating there, we decided to pack lunches for the remainder of the trip.  Once lunch was done, we hiked the Emerald Pool Trails, visiting the lower, middle, and upper pools before splitting off on the Grotto Trail.

The Emerald Pool trails take you to a series of pools, which was a nice reward for the kids after climbing the 400+ feet elevation to make it from the lower to the upper pools.  The Grotto was a nice walk back with lots of beautiful cliff views.

After 4+ hours of hiking with the kids, we finished off the day with some pizzas back at our rental house watching the kids goof around and have fun.  It was a great first day. 

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