Zion Day 3, The Narrows

2021.07.27 315 zion.the.narrows
Day 3 would be our favorite hike of the trip, The Narrows. The Narrows is the narrowest section of Zion Canyon and one of the most popular areas of the park, as you can see by the number of people. The walls of the canyon are 1000 ft tall with the river just 20-30 feet wide in some places. Hiking the narrows involves walking/wading upstream in the Virgin River, which ranged from ankle deep to waist deep in spots. To navigate the slippery rocks, most recommend renting canyoneering boots and a walking stick from one of the local shops - these definitely came in handy. We hiked about 4.5 miles round trip, up the river and back. This was also definitely the kids favorite hike as their were NO COMPLAINTS!

After Zion, we made a quick stop at the LaVerkin Overlook, which as you guessed, overlooks the town of LaVerkin. We checked out the views and then called it a day.

Enjoy the pics!

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