Day 5, Kolob and Kanab

2021.07.29 673 kanab.peekaboo.slot.canyon

By Day  5 we (Finley) had hit our threshold for hiking, so we'd need to find some other activities that didn't revolve around our boots.  We started the day with a scenic drive through Zion's Kolob Canyon, then split ways with Scott and crew as they hiked the canyons.

Colt, Finley, and I headed north to the town of Kanab, Utah, where we signed up for an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) tour.  We had a super fun ride through the desert to the Pekaboo Slot Canyon, where we did a short hike/walk to check out the canyon and also stopped at an underground lake.  The whole excursion was a blast!

After the ATV ride, we explored the Kanab Sand Caves.  These caves were man-made during mining in the area and now make for a fun stop.  After exploring the caves, we had some milk-shakes and called it day.

Check out the pics!

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